Empowering Microbrewers


Blockchain is to Finance what Microbrewing is to Guiness


Build real communities around your pub with rewards

Mobile App

Cryptographically-secured Android & iOS Applications

About Our Project

Kickstarted by Lanikai Brewing Co. of Kailua, Hawaii, Brewcoin aims to tokenize the entire Craft Beer industry from the ground-up, decentralizing ownership & rewards for everyone involved in the booming microbrewing industry.

Customer Rewards Economics

Secure Mobile Wallets

Customizable Pub Software

Brewcoin Foundation Support

Brewcoin Platform

Open Source

Brewcoin core systems are completely open-source, which ensures security of funds

Long-Term Growth

Brewcoins are deflationary assets which allow exclusive participation in the tokenized Craft Brew industry

Partner Toolkit

Any pub that wishes to integrate Brewcoin into its business model now has an entire software suite to use

Launch Calendar

Launching & Token Listing for growth occur in a predictable & public timeline

Official Partnerships

Partnerships with Lanikai Brewing Co. & other brick-and-mortar breweries have been signed

Constant R&D

In addition to its 12 current blockchains for launch, the Brewcoin dev teams constantly expand all tech


Brewcoin Users

00 Million

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